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Subgroup List

For meeting times, please visit the Subgroup Meeting Schedule.

Mission & Work Statement
Status/Meeting Frequency Chair/Agency

    Communications (COS)

  • Oversee administrative and personnel matters of the WMI. Ensure that the WMI has a comprehensive, overall work plan and the resources to implement the plan
  • Provide guidance to Project Coordinator
  • Evaluate structure, functions, and effectiveness of the WMI and propose appropriate changes
  • Ensure effective communication across all stakeholders, core group, subgroups and key decision-makers
  • Identify, coordinate and initiate effective outreach programs
  • Create and disseminate public outreach materials for the WMI. Establish, track, and document WMI expenditures
  • Establish work priorities and recommend expenditures to conduct that work


Meets selected Fridays, approximately once per month

Phil Bobel

City of Palo Alto

    Land Use (LUS)

  • Identify and address land use planning interests and issues that need to be considered within the Watershed Action Plan.


Meets Monthly

Anastazia Aziz

City of San Jose Environmental Services

    Sustainable Water Supply (SWS)

  • Identify and recommend sustainable water resource management opportunities that protect beneficial uses within the pilot watersheds and the Santa Clara Basin.

    Watershed Assessment & Monitoring (WAMS)

  • Foster, encourage, and support the development of a solid scientific foundation for watershed planning and land use decisions.
  • Provide a forum to support and discuss watershed and sub-watershed assessment and monitoring activities in the Santa Clara Basin.
  • Assist with periodic updates of the Stream Studies Inventory, the data tracking/management function necessary for assessment, and monitoring activities.
  • Track, review, and comment on monitoring and assessment activities of the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program and other groups or agencies performing these actions in the Santa Clara Basin.


Meets Monthly

Kristy McCumby-Hyland

City of Sunnyvale

    Wetlands Advisory Group (WAG)

  • Promote the integration of wetland management actions into the overall Watershed Management Plan.
  • Provide technical assistance on wetlands in an advisory function to the Subgroups and the Core Group for all WMI products.
On Call - meets as issues arise

Luisa Valiela

US EPA, Region 9

    Permits Subgroup

  • Serve as a stakeholder group for development of NPDES permits for the Basin’s three wastewater treatment plants
  • Review issues associated with NPDES permit issuance and work toward consensus issuance of those permits


Meets when NPDES Permits are being developed

    Emerging Contaminants Subgroup (ECS)

  • Develop information and recommendations on issues associated with pollutants just being recognized as potentially problematic.  Such pollutants can include pharmaceuticals, anti-bacterial agents, personal care products, and other low-level contaminants now being found in surface waters. 


Meeting times vary

Karin North

City of Palo Alto

Jessie Denver

City of San José Environmental Services

    Guadalupe Mercury TMDL Subgroup

  • Serves as a stakeholder group developing information and input to the Regional Board on the Mercury TMDL being developed for the Guadalupe River system.


Meeting times vary

Dave Drury

Santa Clara Valley Water District

    Watershed Education & Outreach (WE&O)

  • Identify and change behaviors that adversely affect water quality.
  • Increase the understanding and appreciation of streams and the San Francisco Bay.
  • Promote public involvement in watershed stewardship activities.
  • Administer the award-winning Watershed Watch campaign (www.MyWatershedWatch.org)
  • WE&O is a partnership between WMI and Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program’s Public Information and Participation (PIP) Ad Hoc Task Group.


Meeting times vary

Mary Morse

City of San José Environmental Services


  • Convenes on an as needed basis to produce WMI specific outreach pieces.
  • Group makeup changes depending on the focus of the project.
  • Takes direction from and receives work-product approval from the Communication and Outreach Subgroup.
  • A representative from this group sits on the Watershed Education and Outreach Ad Hoc Task Group.
On Call - meets as needed

Bruce Frisbey

City of San José Environmental Services